Aermarine produces four models of jet dinghy from 2.50 m to 3.20. However we believe that the Jet engine is not the ideal solution for creating a true dinghy these models are then made only on request and with major delays.

Our range of models Cabrio ch, Emotion and Espace are the winning alternative to jets to meet all the needs of the most demanding owners. Same dimensions, low weight, high performance, low maintenance, high reliability. No difficulty in finding support wherever you are.


YOUR TENDER AERMARINE is customizable in order to offer an exclusive product and be the perfect complement of your Yacht. Below are some examples of colours of the fabric, fender and some others details such as the type of the lifeline and the choice of decking. You can also take the cushions in different colours and upholstery material.

Fabric colour

Ral 7040
Ral 7035

Fender colour

Ral 7035 + Blue

Teak + White

White + Ral 7040

Ral 7035

Ral 7040

Other elements

Belt lifeline

Custom deck and upholstery

Stainless steel